Honorary Members

Honorary Members are selected by a vote of the active Membership.  Honorary Members may attend meetings and functions as they wish, but Honorary Members may not vote and do not pay dues.


Dean Lewis N. Jones 1963-1964

Opal L Wood 1968-1969

Mildred Bettencourt 1968-1969

James G. Allen 1971-1972

Joy Cox 1972-1973

Michelle Boulter 1974-1975

General Dudley Faver 1986-1987

Randy Patterson 1988-1989

Cindy Finely 1989-1990

Tiffany Marshall 1990-1991

Ann Lawrence 1997-1998

Are You a WSO Alumni?

If you are an alumni of Women's Service Organization, we want to keep in contact with you. Please send us your contact information below. We will add you to the alumni list to send you information of future WSO alumni events.  

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WSO Presidents

Ann Sikes                                                       2017-2018 
Darian Gamez                                               2018-2019 
Margo Watson                                              2019-2020
Talia Lewis                                                      2020-2021